The RSNS arose from a work of IRPAA – Regional Institute of Small Appropriated Agriculture – with women who resided in rural communities Canudos Uauá, Curaçá in partnership with the Rural Pastoral Letter of the Dioceses of Paulo Afonso and Juazeiro (Bahia).

The main focus of this work was to discuss equality of the sexes, the role and participation of women and young people, in an active way, in the decision making spaces, whether it be within the environment of the family, the community or organizations.

In 2000, the work of the RSNS began to gain visibility. Families began to organize themselves around a group called “United Group of the Sertão” whose objective was to define and organize the different groups that were forming in the communities. The purpose was to seek professional improvement to better the quality of the products and to continue to encourage the entry of new communities in the work of production processing. In this manner, the idea arose to create a new brand: “The natural flavor of the Sertão”.

Beginning in 2003, various groups began to join this space, such as: cooperatives, associations, NGOs, organizations, Catholic church groups and informal groups and the format of the network began to be laid out, constituting the: “Natural flavor of the Sertão”.

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