Mission and Courses of action


To promote the strengthening of entities and groups that are active in family agriculture and traditional communities for the participatory construction of productive and management process for sustainable and solidary development.

Courses of action of the RSNS

Information and training: As a course of action, the RSNS seeks to train productive groups to act in all the phases of production, processing, management and organization, and sale.

Organization and mobilization of groups: To strengthen the mobilization process and articulation of the productive groups and processes in regards to the discussions and proposals for public policies focused on family agriculture.

Communication and marketing: This is the RSNS action focusing on promoting communication and publicizing the experiences, giving greater visibility on the local, regional and national spheres.

Brand management: To establish principles and functionality in the use of a collective brand name for family agriculture.

Production and beneficiation: To strengthen the production and transformation processes of the products to achieve gradual improvement in family incomes in the processes of sustainable development.

Sale: To facilitate the access of groups in the different sales channels and internal and external markets, raising the levels of fair and solidary commerce.

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